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Congrats! You’ve just signed a contract for your first book. Now what? Why join a debut book group, of course. Sure your book doesn’t release for two-ish years, but many debut groups will be forming soon.

Debut book groups are a fantastic way for new authors to market their books and connect with debuting authors. One of the biggest benefits of a debut book group is connecting with other debut authors who are in the same boat as you. Writing can be a lonely endeavor, so it can be incredibly helpful to have a group of people who understand the unique challenges and triumphs that come with publishing your first book. In these groups, you can share your struggles and successes and offer support and encouragement to one another.

There are different types of debut groups, and they vary depending on who is organizing them. Some groups are specific to a single debut year, while others transcend a single year and accept new members on a rolling basis. Another variation among debut groups is book genres. Some groups accept all genres as long as it is for the same audience, while others are genre specific. Reflect on your debut goals to ensure you are joining the right debut group for you. And if the ones already established don’t match your goals, you could always organize one.

Another benefit of debut book groups is sales and reviews. Most debut groups commit to preordering (depending on other members’ budgets) or request their local library purchase each member’s book. Additionally, each member will also leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for each member. This can be extremely valuable with best seller titles, earning out your advance, and Amazon’s algorithm. Amazon’s algorithm favors books with over fifty reviews. Depending on the size of your debut group, they may already get you a quarter of the way there.

One thing to consider when joining a debut book group is the time commitment. Some groups may hold meetings and host giveaways. The more active the group, the bigger the time commitment. For many debut authors, writing is not their full-time job. So, be mindful of how much time they expect of you and if you are comfortable with this kind of commitment.

In conclusion, debut book groups are an incredibly valuable resource for new authors. They provide a supportive community, and debuting together makes marketing your book a little less scary. So if you are eager to connect with other writers and gain valuable insight into the publishing process, a debut book group may be just what you need to help make your debut a success.

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