Brittany Pomales Kidlit Haha Week Kidlit Haha Week (2024)

Kidlit Haha Week (2024)

Hello, Funny friends! (and friends who don’t dare call themselves funny…yet.)

Grab a pen, circle April 1st on your calendar, and write Kidlit HaHa Week. You could skip the third step but future you will be extremely confused as to why you circled it. 

Kidlit Haha Week is a week-long dive into writing funny books for children. Each day you’ll find a new blog post written by a funny author right here on that will dive into the nitty-gritty of writing funny. For FREE! 

There are many free resources for writing picture books but few that really dive deep into writing funny picture books. And writing funny picture books throws many of the “rules” of writing picture books out the window. For example, sometimes in funny books characters rarely learn their lesson if there even is one to learn. 

(Please note that the word rules is in quotes because there are no rules. Only perceived rules.)

And because funny books play by their own “rules” they can be a tough sell. Funny is SO subjective but the more you learn about the different types of funny books and the tools used to write them the easier it will be to write the funny that is authentic to you and find the right partners (agent, editor, etc.).

There were so many topics and so few days which means many topics, like writing funny non-fiction and drawing funny, didn’t make it on this year’s list. BUT they are at the very top of next year’s list. So, I hope my funny non-fiction writers and funny illustrators will still join us.

And now without further ado…the 2024 Kidlit HaHa Week blog post contributors! (in no particular order)


Brian Gherlein, author of THE BOOK OF RULES and THIS IS NOT A SLEEPY BEAR BOOK (Little Brown, 2025).

Justin Colón, author of THE QUACKEN (Simon and Schuster, 2024), IMPOSSIBLE POSSUMS, IMPOSSIBLE POSSUM FOR MAYOR (Disney-Hyperion, 2024 & 2025), and several others yet to be announced.

Jason Perkins, author of ROCK STARS DON’T NAP.

Claire Tattersfield, editor at Flamingo PRH and NYT Best-selling author of CUPIG.

What a line-up! I can’t wait to share their fabulous posts and funny advice with you.

After reading the daily posts, head over to X or BlueSky so we can discuss any comments, questions, or emotional outbursts (you never know!). You’ll definitely want to head over on Friday for some fun giveaways. See you then!

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  1. I’m revising a sarcastic manuscript on my dream agent’s recommendation. I want it to be over the top sarcastic and super funny for kiddos. I’m so excited about this event!!! I’m all in.

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