Brittany Pomales Kidlit Haha Week Kidlit Haha Week Day #2: LET’S TALK DIALOGUE! with Dev Petty

Kidlit Haha Week Day #2: LET’S TALK DIALOGUE! with Dev Petty

17 thoughts on “Kidlit Haha Week Day #2: LET’S TALK DIALOGUE! with Dev Petty”

  1. Writing in dialogue is my favorite so seeing this post makes me happy! Thanks for sharing, Dev! My kids and I love all your books!

  2. Thank you, Dev! This post came at a perfect time. Those crazy characters who’ve taken up residency in my head are about to take their conversation outside! Appreciate the tips!

  3. I love this and your books! I’ll allow myself to write an MS all in dialogue. Thank you for the great post, Dev!

  4. Thanks for all of the suggestions and examples. I’m going to go back in one of my manuscripts and see if it lends itself to being done completely in dialogue. I have I DON’T WANT TO BE A FROG! (love it)and I look forward to reading your newest book.

  5. Thank you, Dev, for talking about how dialogue can create a dynamic story.

    One of my WIPs is a two-character dialogue story. Bookworm and Robin share witty banter, puns, and jokes that cause misunderstandings.

    Thank you for writing books that kids love to read.

  6. You’ve given us so much to think about! I was especially struck by this comment: “Dialogue or not, you’re still trying to write a story. Write the story first…the humor and dialogue will follow. ” It reminded me of writing in verse, where it’s often tempting (but disastrous!) to distort the story to make it fit your structure.

  7. Hi Dev! Thanks Brittany!
    I’m naturally driven to dialogue and love all of the examples you shared, Dev, including your books. I’ve definitely used Debbie’s thumbnails for dummies but never for storyboards! Doing it now thanks to you ☺️

  8. Thanks Dev! My debut pb is all dialogue and I can hardly wait to see it finished. I have started using pagination to hit the right notes and page turns but now I’m going to start trying to use a storyboard for helping me tighten dialogue and get laughs. I LOVE your books and they make me spread eagle [oops that doesn’t sound good]. Cheers and thanks!

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